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Which Oud Scent is for You?

Oud scent is instantly noticeable; the rich and powerful yet sweet and woody aroma is captivating. Once you are introduced to the world of Oud, you acquire that taste and it becomes a staple in your daily essence.

Agarwood oil has warming, purifying, and transcendent qualities. It blends with other essential oils, particularly with jasmine, rose, musk, and sandalwood.

Many luxury perfumeries from Europe and North America (e.g. Yves Saint Laurent, Armani, Tom Ford) now use Oud oils in their exclusive lines of fragrances and beauty products.

Our family of Oud luxury products is a precious, treasurable and exquisite range created from highly valuable perfume extracted from nature and enriched with pure majestic Oud oil.

Our Oud luxury products are a result of years of meticulous research, produced by a privately owned family business. The family works with the best French perfumers to blend their oud perfume and bring warmth and sensuality to people's homes, all while leaving your skin feeling soft and cleansed. These exclusive blends are highly valued by their smoky aroma to include mixes of Sandalwood, Musk, Wood and exotic Roses.

Want to know which scent fits you? Our range consists of Body Bath Soaps, Hand & Body Wash, Body Sprays and Creams infused in 6 distinct and exotic fragrances. These scents range from a strong and traditional Oud to a more light and subtle Oud infused aroma.

What is your Oud inclination?

The Royal is one of the deepest scents; it combines luxurious saffron notes with sandalwood.

The Oriental is also a more strong Oud scented fragrance that offers a cinnamon and cedarwood mix.

Our most traditional Oud scent is the Sultani. This scent contains captivating agarwood and musk.

Musk Oud is slightly subtler with a fruity undertone mixed with Musk and cedarwood.

For those who feel like Oud is a little too strong a scent, our range also includes a more subtle Oud fragrance, Oud/floral blend, which are the Hareemi and Rose Oud.

The Hareemi is a jasmine and cedarwood combination:


The Rose Oud is quite simply a rose with Agarwood.


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